T-minus one day till Valentine's day folks and it’s another frosty fuck fest here in NYC. And when the weather outside is this frightful, I just want to stay inside and make cookies that are delightful! So that's just what I did.

And what is more delightful than a cookie that is both tasty and topical? Nothing. The answer is nothing.

When deciding what cupid confectionary to bake, I turned to Pinterest for some (p)inspiration, because when it comes to holiday inspired baked goods, the pinterest-ibilities are as endless as the puns I can make with the word Pinterest!

But after only a few minutes of pin perusing, I was overwhelmed by all the options. So I decided to stick (pin?) to what I knew. And I know Linzer cookies. So in keeping with the spirit of the underaged, naked archer, Cupid, I made these cookies heart shaped.