If Thanksgiving is a feast of family, then the Superbowl is a feast of friends. It's an annual excuse to drink and be merry with the family you choose rather than the one you're stuck sharing a bird with in November every year.

While Thanksgiving tends to have a rather set list of menu items, the Superbowl supper can change from year to year. For this past Sunday's game, my friends and I decided to break bread over barbecue. We brought in food from Mighty Quinn's - the best barbecue joint in NYC. Seriously. The Best. But for desert, we went homemade.

I made this bourbon orange zest pecan pie. I was a little worried about the orange zest when I first read the recipe, but I promise you it was worth it. It elevated the pie from a gluttonous glob of richness to a decadent (almost) light desert.