Lemon bars are to my recipe box, what the little black dress is to any woman's closet. A necessary classic for uninspired moments. They're simple to make and I almost always have all the necessary ingredients already in my pantry. And on the (increasingly regular) occasion that all the lemons in my fridge are almost entirely engulfed by mold, I can always find a fresh set at the local grocery store or bodega. Lemons are one of those magical fruits that has no season. Or if they do, I am entirely unaware of it.

Over the past decade, whenever life has given me lemons, I have used this Smitten Kitchen recipe to make lemon bars. I am an orthodox disciple of all that Deb Perlman does, and I would never ever dream of trying another recipe. That is unless, Deb told me to do so.

That was the case with my most recent batch of lemon bars. In the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, Deb proposes a different, even more simple, version of her scrum-didlee-umptious lemon bars. While I was nervous to try these second edition bars, I thought back to Jennifer Lawrence’s performance in The Hunger Games Catching Fire movie and was reminded that sometimes, the sequel is better than the first.

So here is my attempt of Deb's much more stellar second edition whole lemon bars.